In an increasingly complex world, leadership journeys are no longer straightforward, established routes. Career paths today look less like a progressive ladder and more like a labyrinth.
— Amber Setter, CPA, MA

While at the outset labyrinths can appear to be complex, they are easy to navigate if one is intentional with their action.  Successful navigation of a labyrinth requires one to step back and see the big picture, have a clear understanding of the goal they are headed towards, and to be agile when unforeseen obstacles arise. 

Intention Setter partners with clients to develop leaders who are prepared to gracefully navigate through complexity to success.  If we can no longer rely on following well-defined pathways to leadership in today's business world, then it is vital for organizations and individuals to change their approach and become intentional in the development of leadership skills that will get them to the next level of success.


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